L-Cosmetics Monthly Leaflet

L Cosmetics is a drugstore chain which includes 26 stores across Estonia. Company offers a wide range of quality products at affordable prices for women, men, children and the home. Chain store assortment includes more than 10,000 items and represent well known brands from different countries.
L Cosmetics Leaflet
Target audience mainly speak either Estonian or Russian so it was necessary to keep two languages on the leaflet. And this was the main challenge about design while keeping the layout clean and having wide selection of goods.

The company wanted to imply an affordable price range, while having a legitimate level of product quality, through the design.
Cosmetic Brochure Design
Grid System
Cosmetic  Brochure Grid System
Cosmetics Brochure Design
L Cosmetics Leaflet
C:22 M:97 Y:18 K:0
C:00 M:78 Y:51 K:00
C:00 M:22 Y:82 K:00
C:02 M:14 Y:01 K:00
4 Column grid layout created for placement of products. Vivid and multi-color gradient background is preferred to reflect the wide variety of goods. To keep legibility quality in high level, Myriad-Pro is chosen as typeface.
Purito K-Beauty Graphic Design
Vivenne Sabo Graphic Design



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